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Jen covers how to use the 434 Flexible Blocks in Wordpress.

Specific Content Blocks covered in detail:

  • Content Section: Full-width and 50/50 (Note: 30/70, 70/30 and 33/33/33 are options that some of our sites have - they function the same way)
  • Accordion Section: Title, Intro text, and full WIZYWIG editor options for customizing content¬†
  • FIFTY FIFTY Section: One of our favorites! This is a great way to build dynamic content by putting text on one side and photo on the other side. This section spans full-width
  • And more!¬†

If you have additional questions about the custom content blocks built for your site, do not hesitate to send a quick ticket (click Contact Us at the top of this page) or call 434-200-0576. 

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